flower shaped felt needle bookI made a few of these as part of the gift boxes I gave to some young ladies last christmas, along with some beads, buttons, ribbons and copies of this awesome book. It put me in mind of my first sewing projects as a child (my first needle book was tiger-shaped, me and my best friend made matching ones).

So whether it’s for yourself or a mini seamstress-in-training, simply follow the instructions below to make your own!

Felt Flower Needle Keep

You will need:

  • 3 small squares of felt fabric in pink, yellow and green
  • A temporary fabric marker (water soluble fabric pen or tailor’s chalk)
  • Yellow embroidery thread
  • OPTIONAL fabric glue
  • A couple of pins and a needle with an eye big enough for your embroidery thread

A couple of helpful stitches:

needle book sewing pattern

How to make your needle book:

  1. Download the pattern image above (click on the image to view it full size, then right-click, save as) and print it out full size. It should fit nicely on a piece of A4 paper. Cut out the three pieces and draw around them onto the corresponding colour felt using your fabric marker. You can cut one or two green pieces depending on how many pages you want in your book.
  2. Place your flower centre (the yellow embellishment) in the centre of the right-hand half of your pink outer piece (see the greyed-out circle on the pattern). This will become the front cover. You can use fabric glue to stick it in place before your stitch it, or simply stitch it in place. I used three french knots. *TIP: Cut a length of thread the length from your fingers to your elbow to stitch with whenever you’re hand sewing. This is a good length to help prevent knotting without being so short you have to re-thread constantly!
  3. Flip the outer piece over and place your green inner piece(s) over the top. Make sure the vertical centres (the dashed line on the pattern) line up and pin the layers together. Stitch the centre line, making sure your knots are on top so they’re visible only from the inside. Fold in half on this line and you’re done!