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One of my new year’s resolutions (which I don’t normally make) is to write a blog post every week. I’m not doing too well so far, although we’re only in week two. And week one was busy. But if I’m not hard on myself , who will be? :)

diamons pattern watercolour

Anyway, I’m designing a new collection. It started with a vintage harlequin print silk scarf in my collection. The colours are kind of horrid-yet-appealing, and those little diamonds have wormed their way into my soul. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them for months now.

diamond stitch embroidery with beading

Which means that, for once, I’m focusing on surface before materials or form – which is actually kind of refreshing for me (and an excellent excuse to do lots of embroidery)!

In the meantime, I have new greetings card designs on the way and a potential new product line in the works. :)

Happy new year!


Lately it seems that my mind is moving very fast but business is very slow… so this is a good time to get creative. I can’t afford new fabrics, so how many ways can I use what I’ve already got? It can be so satisfying to let the material inform the product, rather than the other way around. So today started with doodles of vintage brooches (my collection has grown recently, oops) and will finish with some textile jewellery designs. Probably made from organic cotton and featuring hand embroidery, appliqué, beading and maybe block printing… yes… I like to do everything at once.

Interestingly, lately I’ve had a couple of enquiries about invitations. Will I design some, will I make some? This was never something I’d given any thought to, if I’m honest. But of course I said yes. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity, I’m already having too much fun  just doing the research (easily pleased, I know)!

A peek at some pre-completion shots of something I’ve been working on:

Hemp linen base. Hemp appliqué with silk and cotton threads. Feather, chain & backstitch

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