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So, remember those £21 headbands? No way were they ever going to make it into my shop at that price, so here’s a free tutorial. If you have a few basics in your sewing box, they don’t have to cost you a penny, and there’s no adhesive necessary! Enjoy :)

  • measurements are for an adult size bando, you may need to trim a few cm off to adapt it for a child

You will need…

  • an old t-shirt/other plain scrap fabric
  • a length of felt
  • elastic
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • embroidery thread & needle
  • measuring tape
  • fabric chalk/marker

On your felt fabric, mark out a strip which is 39cm (15.5 in) by 2.5cm (1in) using your fabric marker or chalk. Cut out with your fabric scissors.

Pin the felt strip onto your jersey or scrap fabric, making sure the whole strip fits on. Cut around the felt so you now have 2 strips of fabric.

Cut 15cm (6in) of elastic and tuck it in between the two layers of fabric on one of the short ends. Make sure to tuck it in about 2cm. Begin a running stitch from the corner as shown (hiding your knot or anchor stitches between the two fabric layers). When you reach the elastic, make three cross stitches as shown (making sure to go through all 3 layers), making three diagonal stitches going up to where the elastic ends inside the band (use your fingers to feel where it is), and crossing them to get back to the edge. Continue a running stitch along this short edge and then the long edge.

When you reach the opposite short edge, tuck the other end of the elastic into the band and stitch in place as before. Running stitch the remaining edges.

Now to decorate the band; you can use any embroidery stitch you like (in fact this is a good excuse to try a new one!). I chose to work Ermine stitches in a line repeat over the band, which is worked as follows (see pictures): bring needle up at 1, down at 2, up at 3

Down at 4, up at 5

Down at 6, up at new position 1.

Continue to the end of the band and fasten off. And you’re done! If you’re so inclined, you can make the band broader, thinner, patchwork, quilted, beaded… anything you like really, just using these basic measurements. If you take your time they’ll be a lot neater than mine :D

P.S., A message from Dinah, who is purring and stomping across my keyboard: “n mmmmmmmmmmmmmnb mmmmmmmmm”

I think that says it all, really.


“In most gardens,” the Tiger-lily said, “they make the beds too soft — so that the flowers are always asleep.”

Well this lot will definitely never speak. We finally got it finished last weekend, after hours of digging and sieving soil. It’s a bit crowded in there unfortunately, but everything seems happy enough at the moment. There’s broccoli, cucumber, pumpkins, carrots and spring onions in there, with peas, tomatoes and coriander on the patio.

Naturally, the space I had to work worth had a plum tree in the middle of it. Thankfully D isn’t afraid of hard work and cut the thing down himself — and removed the stump and all the roots that were in the way. It was a huge job, I didn’t think he’d manage it!

Buffy supervised, and now and then jumped in to check the soil by rolling around in it. Very helpful, pussycat.

Minor disaster. My camera is missing. A week yesterday I had it in the garden with me, brought it back inside and set it on the kitchen table. When I went to get it the next morning, it was gone. Gone! I had that camera for four years, now I feel lost without it. There’s always another (often better) camera around for me to use, but still… I want my camera! It’s so frustrating, I’ve looked everywhere (right down to the recycling bins, the fridge, and the box where the toilet paper lives). Sigh…

Anyway. I borrowed my Dad’s camera last week so I have something to show you…

This is Buffy, my other little helper. She’s Dinah’s sister (though they couldn’t be more different). She’s very talkative and a bit grumpy. She likes chicken and anything that comes out of a can (because anything that comes out of a can could be fish, you know). She’s also a master seat-stealer. She dislikes the rats that have come to stay with us (more on those in a moment) and her sister. When she was a kitten, she thought she was a lion.

Buffy (the cat) and one of the new handbags

You’ve seen this bag (pre-completion) before – this is it finished. I haven’t settled on a name for this collection yet – I’ve changed my mind two or three times already. I find it really difficult for some reason!

And this is the big sister bag, which is what I was making in my last post. :)

My last piece of news: a mischief of rats has temporarily moved in to our home (clean and tidy pet rats, that is). Most of them are living in a big cage in the shed, but two lady rats have the privilege of living in the house because…

A litter of baby rats

They have kittens! This is one of the litters at 10 days old. They have since all opened their eyes and are a right handful :) They’re so lovely!

And just for the record, we are a hygienic household and animals do not come into contact with my work (as hard as the cats try to sleep on all my expensive fabric…)!

I’d like to introduce you to my assistant. This is Dinah, she’s ten years old. She likes cakes and ice cream, tormenting her sister and kisses between the ears, and she dislikes rustling carrier bags, the vacuum cleaner and going outside alone.

Today, she’s been helping me to photograph a new handbag.

I think this one’s called Ylva. It’s not ready yet, but it’s nearly there. It’s a mix of hemp and organic cotton, held together with silk hand stitches. I can’t decide if it needs a little block printed detail on the flap… or maybe some hand embroidery?

Just had to share some snow photos. Living in a seaside town we see very little snow, but we’ve had quite heavy snow for about 3 weeks now.

My apologies, I’m not a wonderful photographer, and the daylight was failing:

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