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handmade eco friendly hand puppetsMeet Geoffrey, Pingwin and Pinkey. A few weeks ago, on another’s behalf, a good friend asked… could you make hand puppets? Um. Sure! A few test-puppets and dye-buckets later and here they are. It might sound strange, but I do love making things with faces. They are hemp-cotton corduroy (55%/45% respectively) with wool felt and embroidered embellishment. If these go down well there’s another potential hand puppet customer lined up, too. I just have to try really hard not to get attached…

The christmas build up is keeping me busy. I have a table at a school fair on the 9th and at The Ship Inn in Guisborough on the 19th, and at the same time I’m trying to stock up my Etsy shop, fulfil various requests and do my christmas shopping (online shopping, how I love you).  The snow here is pretty epic compared to previous years — and for the benefit of those who aren’t British, we here in the UK cannot under any circumstances cope with snow. I think it’s because we enjoy complaining about the weather so much :)

Stay warm wherever you are!

P.S. See my last post of the year at Sew Green, here!


First, here’s my latest post over at Sew Green – Better Back to School Shopping.

Last month was a good month for me, in between Gala days and designing Wedding invitations (although sadly not my own. Yet). My struggle now is to try and keep up this momentum, as despite my successes I’m still on a very limited budget! So I’d like to introduce you to some of the new items in my Etsy shop…

reclaimed silk crystal cuffreclaimed silk crystal cuffCuff/corsage made from reclaimed Indian silks and backed with organic cotton. The centre of the rose is embellished with crystal beads, and the body of the cuff is hand quilted with coloured silk threads (have I mentioned before how much I love sewing by hand?) £30. Available on Etsy: click here. I’m planning a bridal ivory/nude version for, and matching headband and choker. I’ve had these silks for a while, just waiting for the right idea to come along. It’s really satisfying to finally use them!!

handmade patterned eco friendly purse collectioneco friendly handbag and purse setPurses & wristlet made from a mixture of reclaimed, sustainable, vintage and organic materials (£20 and £45 respectively).  These guys are so cute, and each colour/pattern combination is limited edition because when I run out of any reclaimed/vintage fabric, it’s gone for good! The pattern for those little purses took so long to perfect — I’m used to visualising something, making it, and then making more because I like it. But with these I think I made four or five frustrating, fiddly failures before getting it right! See my bags & purses on Etsy: click here.

handmade jersey bell wish braceletshandmade jersey bell wish braceletsJersey Wish Bracelets, made from cotton jersey, mostly salvaged from old t-shirts. At just £1 each, these have proven amazingly popular with girls of all ages! I’m going to be creating more non-bell charm bracelets soon, with some new purple and powder blue bands (:

I’m loving the chill in the air this past week or two, though there’s still the odd warm afternoon to sit out in the garden. Our neighbours on one side have trees that shed really early, so our lawn is covered in crispy crunchy leaves already. And I’ve just started planning my christmas shopping (don’t hit me!). This is my favourite time of year. (:

handmade eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton handbagLook! At last! Here it is! The first release of the new collection! This is the Small Adventure bag (£60/$87). Say hello! :)

I should be in bed, but I had to share the news. I’m sure when I look at the listing tomorrow I’ll have to amend it straight away, having unwittingly left out some vital details… but click here to see the Etsy listing anyway! I’m considering listing these on Folksy too, as they will be made to order (they have customisable elements). It might save my UK fans from feeling alienated!

With this collection, I really wanted to push my ethos further. So as usual, I have used my favourite hemp and organic cottons – but now many of these are also fair trade, so they’re ethical too! The shape of the bag itself was designed to waste as little fabric as possible – geometric shapes lend themselves to efficient pattern cutting. Plus it’s durable – not just in a physical sense, but in a design sense too. I can change the lining and the pattern panel to create a whole new look.

At first I was very taken with the idea that the outside of the bag would show glimpses of a more vibrant interior – and I’m really pleased with how that panned out. The teasing glimpse of the pink lining on the seams, and the full reveal of the patterned panel when you open the bag are details that I’m very pleased with. Also… I managed to wrangle a lot of hand stitching into the construction, so I’m a happy Maimy. :)

I hope you like it!

Look! Green!

Yesterday, I managed to snatch half an hour in the garden, while the sun was out, to take some pictures. I actually went out to take some pictures of my new bib necklaces, but I couldn’t help getting distracted by all the little green buds…

Lamya, available on Etsy now

Maya, available soon!

These are the first of a new series of one of a kind eco-friendly fibre jewellery. They’re made from sustainable, organic and reclaimed materials, and I stitched them completely by hand. :) More to follow…

Check out my first post at Sew Green!

Just wanted to share some beautiful books with you…

  1. Recycled notebook from Rosehip Cards
  2. Eat Me by Xanthe Milton
  3. Alabama Studio Style by Natalie Chanin

I’m listening to lots of vintage Iron Maiden to try and boost my energy levels today — it’s very cold and very grey (which makes me feel cold & grey. Boo). But some good news: I have two new products for January which are available not only on Etsy, but are (or soon will be) also found at The Green Apple (thanks Mickey!) alongside some really fantastic designers.

Crochet Charm Purse

Recycled Sari Peep Bag

Colour colour colour colour! Need more colour! Bring on spring time!

Wow, I am tired. I had my first Etsy sale last week, which was a nice boost. My graduation ceremony last Friday was lovely despite having had some nasty headachey bug the day before. Sunday at the Designer’s Marketplace was nice except that we didn’t sell much – despite getting a lot of interest (story of my life at the moment).

Anyway. Tomorrow I’ll be at the studio (at last) having a nice, long creative day. I haven’t been in two and a half weeks and it’s driving me crazy. There are two lovely ladies in Edinburgh who want some of my work for their new boutique – it’s very exciting, I’m looking forward to sending some goodies their way. (:

My plan for next week is to get my first free tutorial posted up here, more on that later…

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