Cat claws and fine, cheap cotton jersey do not mix. My nana’s cat managed to put a hole bang in the centre chest of this dress, and although I stitched it up, it was still obvious that damage had been done. Really. Annoying.

So it’s been hanging in the workroom for a couple of weeks while I thought about how to make it better. In the end I decided block printing over the area was the way to go (quick but effective), but none of my existing blocks were really right for the job. So it was out to the garden, where I came across these beautiful fern leaves:

printed fern leavesSometimes nature does it best! (The hole was somewhere in the lower fronds of the largest leaf print.)


Oh, and here’s a preview of my Dryad halloween costume. I still have quite a lot to do:

I think this is the first garment I’ve made from scratch since I made my prom dress at 16. How crazy is that?