garden peasI’m really into this gardening thing this year. In my plot I have spinach, leeks, borlotti beans, peas, carrots and parsnips. But I’ve also taken over much of the patio, growing more carrots and parsnips in planters (the ones in the plot will be replaced by kale and baby leaf salad in the coming months), tomatoes and more peas in the old sink, and lots of pots of tomatoes. I also have a few small planters will MORE peas and beans.

I have a thing for peas. I never actually cook with my garden peas,they rarely make it as far as the kitchen. NOM.

tomatoes, peas, carrots and parsnips on the patioNow, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of tomatoes, just because supermarket tomatoes suck . And though my crop of garden pearls was rather pathetic last year, they were tasty. So this year I’m not taking any chances; I think I have about 23 tomato plants growing, so I (er, we) can enjoy the fresh, juicy, tasty little suckers all summer.

tomato flowersI’m also taking a slightly different approach to carrot-growing this year (because I COULD). They were sown outside in March, and after a few weeks I thinned the seedlings to about 5cm and left the rest. Now, they’re perfectly formed “baby” purple carrots and they are deeeelicious. These guys DO make it to the kitchen, but only because they need washing. The hard part is leaving SOME to grow to maturity.

I have so much spinach that I don’t know what to do with it all… but there’s been lots of soups and salads.

AND… on the bedroom/workroom window sills (they’re south-facing), I’ve been growing spring onions – which I can’t live without – and mixed baby leaf salad which can’t be sown outside yet. It’s been growing successfully on the sill since April.

Have you got anything tasty growing? Leave a comment!