charity shop dressing table

This is my new old dressing table, currently living out in the hall. I fell in love with it as I was wandering around charity shops last week (I also bought a gorgeous – and huge – appliquéd/embroidered/crochet table cloth, which I planned to use as a making material but it’s so lovely I’m going to keep it as it is!). It reminds me of the type of furniture my Nana had in her old house; all those memories of rooting through her jewellery box and trying to coax her unsociable cat out from under her bed are immensely comforting… so it’s a perfect piece for a bedroom.

Not that I didn’t already have a perfectly good dressing table. My mum has two, one of which I use, and we swap them around every now and then to suit. I just swapped for the smaller one when I moved bedrooms a few weeks ago – it’s a kidney-shaped, fabric-covered number, and the fabric needs replacing. It’s cream, and stained, and cat-clicked, and generally unpleasant. The fabric I had planned to buy to re-cover it with would have cost over £30… my new old dressing table cost £30 including delivery! It was a no-brainer, really. Flat-packed Kidney can be carefully taken apart and put in the loft for now.

Unfortunately, the new table is covered in white paint speckles which scrape of under a fingernail, but unfortunately take the finish with them. So it needs sanding down and re-varnishing come the next sunny weekend – and then I can get to shopping for handles! I’m hoping to have at least one of these, and to replace those wooden knobs with some ceramic spares we have in the garage. And I’ll post a photo of the result!