In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with perceived value and worth of all the stuff we have in our lives. So I’d like to introduce a the first of a short series of posts I think I’m calling “Treasures”.

There are some objects more powerful than others. A combination of positive associations (of a memory, time, place, or dream), when accrued, can give an object such strong emotional sway over you that it becomes precious.

I feel like I’ve already written posts in this series already, so really it’s just a continuation: I want to document the objects that, for whatever reason, are most precious to me. A continued exploration of the value of objects — and consequently the value of what I make.

glass heart – rose quartz – lucky black cat

The rose quartz was a small part of my christmas present off my boyfriend a few years ago. It was pirate themed, and he sent me on a treasure hunt around the house, into the beardie’s vivarium, and under the bed to finally gather all of my gifts together. It was silly and magical. The rose quartz represents love and emotional stability.

The glass heart I have had for a few years longer. After our GCSEs, my art teacher gave us each one of these along with a piece of a painting with a message on. It’s not so much the sentiment behind the heart. It’s the memory of that art teacher telling me my predicted grade was a B, and was I totally sure I could achieve that? Should she change it to a C? I said no, I can totally get a B. I got an A. I carry it to remind me that I can surpass everyone’s expectations… sometimes.

The lucky black cat, now with only one eye, is much much older. My nana gave it to me years ago, and she had carried it in her purse for many years before that. He’s a hard working little cat.

(You can buy your own charm purse here :) )