necklace made from business cardsWhat do you do with your moo cards when the information is out of date?

… make a necklace with them, of course.

necklace made from business cards

OK. There is a story behind this random creative exercise. I was (accidentally…) browsing the Anthropologie site the other day and I saw this lovely necklace. Then realised it was made of paperclips and coloured tape. Paperclips and coloured tape!! I love the geometry, and just imagine how it’ll move. So this genius construction has been swimming around in my brain ever since and I just needed to have a bash at something similar.

Yeah. It’s hardly a masterpiece. But it’s good to test your braincells every now and then — getting all those pieces of card and little jump rings to sit just right wasn’t as simple as I first thought. I might re-make it in a more flattering form sometime.