22 year old pink puffalump

I often think about the value of objects – not just monetary value, but emotional value too. After all, it’s an emotional response that makes us want to buy many things in the first place. Consumerism might be a dirty word (especially to a greenie), but it seems sometimes that the idea of owning stuff is completely tangled with our ideas about happiness… and I’m not sure that’s always such an awful thing.

Clothes are a big one, especially as a woman — you know if you have the perfect outfit for that big night out or dinner with your in-laws, you’ll feel great about yourself and have a wonderful time. Then the next time you pull that outfit out of your wardrobe, it will bring back those lovely memories and you’ll want to wear it again. It becomes part of your history, something to treasure.

And I’ve noticed that over the past few years, following my “only buy things I am completely in love with” rule, I choose clothes based on the memories I might have of wearing them in five, ten years’ time. Which is great, because it really makes me question any purchase – is it relevant, does it really have a place in my life?

Of course the other half of that is … do the things I make have permanent places in my customer’s lives? How can I make sure that they do?

Food for thought.

Happy hump day (:

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