handmade eco friendly hand puppetsMeet Geoffrey, Pingwin and Pinkey. A few weeks ago, on another’s behalf, a good friend asked… could you make hand puppets? Um. Sure! A few test-puppets and dye-buckets later and here they are. It might sound strange, but I do love making things with faces. They are hemp-cotton corduroy (55%/45% respectively) with wool felt and embroidered embellishment. If these go down well there’s another potential hand puppet customer lined up, too. I just have to try really hard not to get attached…

The christmas build up is keeping me busy. I have a table at a school fair on the 9th and at The Ship Inn in Guisborough on the 19th, and at the same time I’m trying to stock up my Etsy shop, fulfil various requests and do my christmas shopping (online shopping, how I love you).  The snow here is pretty epic compared to previous years — and for the benefit of those who aren’t British, we here in the UK cannot under any circumstances cope with snow. I think it’s because we enjoy complaining about the weather so much :)

Stay warm wherever you are!

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