(See my last veg plot post here)

The veg is growing quite well, despite an abundance of leafminers. My pumpkin and cucumber plants mysteriously gave up on life one day, which was very disappointing (my dreams of carving a home-grown pumpkin lantern for Halloween were dashed), especially since they’d started so well. I can’t decide what I did wrong, but anyway, I planted some more pea plants at the far end to take up some of that space.

The carrots are the ones at the front – I am IN LOVE with carrot foliage. It’s so pretty! Behind them is broccoli. It seems to be a favourite with the pests – leaf miners, slugs and snails, and now caterpillars. I think I need to invest in some net for next year, those cabbage whites are sneaky. I pulled off a few egg- and caterpillar-riddled leaves the other day (feeling a little guilty, after all, how were THEY to know they aren’t wanted?), and took a few pictures. Then went on a bit of a macro-rampage through the garden. Here’s a few of my favourites: