Recently, some of my favourite dresses have been falling apart. One sage green and cream floral floaty Topshop dress in particular needs a major revamp. The straps have come adrift more than once and the button loops are coming loose one by one. But I love it! So I decided to completely replace the bodice with an Alabama Chanin style cotton-jersey one (which is mostly just an excuse to do lots of hand stitching). The fabric is from one of the boyfriend’s old t-shirts, which I tea dyed before cutting up. I’m using the “wrong” side as the outside, because the right side was very badly stained in some places.

I don’t quite know how I’m going to attach it to the skirt. I think the ties at the back of the current bodice might become a waist band, and those buttons are definitely getting a home on the new top. One thing I can’t decide on is if to keep some element of the exposed back (currently it has no back, just ties) or to try to get rid of it, potentially losing an inch or two off the skirt (not ideal). Hmm.

After this one, I have a purple-green-grey paisley print cotton dress to tackle, with some rather lovely smocking on the back that needs preserving. After that… well, I’ll find something.

P.S. I have some new products in the works, inspired (in an un-straightforward way) by a collection of antique keys Darren just bought me … which will hopefully available this autumn.