handmade eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton handbagLook! At last! Here it is! The first release of the new collection! This is the Small Adventure bag (£60/$87). Say hello! :)

I should be in bed, but I had to share the news. I’m sure when I look at the listing tomorrow I’ll have to amend it straight away, having unwittingly left out some vital details… but click here to see the Etsy listing anyway! I’m considering listing these on Folksy too, as they will be made to order (they have customisable elements). It might save my UK fans from feeling alienated!

With this collection, I really wanted to push my ethos further. So as usual, I have used my favourite hemp and organic cottons – but now many of these are also fair trade, so they’re ethical too! The shape of the bag itself was designed to waste as little fabric as possible – geometric shapes lend themselves to efficient pattern cutting. Plus it’s durable – not just in a physical sense, but in a design sense too. I can change the lining and the pattern panel to create a whole new look.

At first I was very taken with the idea that the outside of the bag would show glimpses of a more vibrant interior – and I’m really pleased with how that panned out. The teasing glimpse of the pink lining on the seams, and the full reveal of the patterned panel when you open the bag are details that I’m very pleased with. Also… I managed to wrangle a lot of hand stitching into the construction, so I’m a happy Maimy. :)

I hope you like it!