Just two weeks ago, I couldn’t have told my Brassicas from my Umbellifers. Now when I see other people’s vegetable seedlings, I find myself thinking “that’s broccoli, those are carrots, they’re cucumbers…” I feel like I’m turning into a bit of a garden nerd, with my head stuffed full off double dug raised beds and wormeries. My camera is still missing (I can only think it must have been thrown out, even though I went through the bins!) so here are some rather hasty photos of my seedlings taken on my dad’s camera:

Coriander Seedlings

Coriander seedlings, 15 days old

Cucumber Seedlings

Cucumber seedlings, 17 days

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Of course, when I’m not being terribly distracted by green things, I’m still working away trying to get the last few pieces of the new collection together. And applying for a part-time job as a seamstress. As if I don’t give myself enough work. But I could do with the financial relief, so cross your fingers for me!