Minor disaster. My camera is missing. A week yesterday I had it in the garden with me, brought it back inside and set it on the kitchen table. When I went to get it the next morning, it was gone. Gone! I had that camera for four years, now I feel lost without it. There’s always another (often better) camera around for me to use, but still… I want my camera! It’s so frustrating, I’ve looked everywhere (right down to the recycling bins, the fridge, and the box where the toilet paper lives). Sigh…

Anyway. I borrowed my Dad’s camera last week so I have something to show you…

This is Buffy, my other little helper. She’s Dinah’s sister (though they couldn’t be more different). She’s very talkative and a bit grumpy. She likes chicken and anything that comes out of a can (because anything that comes out of a can could be fish, you know). She’s also a master seat-stealer. She dislikes the rats that have come to stay with us (more on those in a moment) and her sister. When she was a kitten, she thought she was a lion.

Buffy (the cat) and one of the new handbags

You’ve seen this bag (pre-completion) before – this is it finished. I haven’t settled on a name for this collection yet – I’ve changed my mind two or three times already. I find it really difficult for some reason!

And this is the big sister bag, which is what I was making in my last post. :)

My last piece of news: a mischief of rats has temporarily moved in to our home (clean and tidy pet rats, that is). Most of them are living in a big cage in the shed, but two lady rats have the privilege of living in the house because…

A litter of baby rats

They have kittens! This is one of the litters at 10 days old. They have since all opened their eyes and are a right handful :) They’re so lovely!

And just for the record, we are a hygienic household and animals do not come into contact with my work (as hard as the cats try to sleep on all my expensive fabric…)!