Sadly, I’ve had to move out of the little studio I shared. Hopefully we’ll still be able to meet regularly. So I’m back to working completely from home — since my big room tidy-up, there’s no space there for my old work table. Nor is there space for it anywhere else in the house. This means that when I want to do some serious sewing, I have to take over the kitchen table…

vintage sewing machine, sewing table, eco friendly fabrics

This is my little sewing machine. It’s a 30-year-old Cub 4. Originally it was my Nana’s, then my Mum’s, and now mine. Sometimes it has a hissy fit when I try to do freehand embroidery, but that’s OK. It has a little plaque on in, because it was awarded to my Granddad for 30 years’ service at ICI (he let Nana choose the gift). So it’s pretty precious to me. This was the scene on Tuesday when bag no.2 of the new collection came into being.

organic cottons, spoonflower fabric, hemp linen on a vintage scarf

On the newly stencilled table: vintage scarf (I keep all my fabrics bundled in these), 100% hemp fabric, organic cotton solid and organic cotton sateen printed with my design

Pictures of the new bag will arrive after the next sunny day here in Redcar…