It was a very exciting moment (for me, at least!) when a little packet marked “Spoonflower” was delivered to our door this morning. This is a company that makes one of my creative dreams come true! Upload your design to their site and with a few mouse clicks, it’s being printed onto beautiful fabric and sent to you.

I ordered a sample of three different designs, each on a different fabric. The first is my Jasmine design on organic cotton sateen. This is a soft, creamy fabric with a luxurious sheen. I couldn’t do it justice in a photograph!

The second sample was on organic cotton knit. It’s soft, thick, stretchy… and I can’t honestly think when I might use it, but it’s lovely anyway! I’m not going to show you a picture, though, until I’ve finalised the design. (:

The third was Granddad’s Keys on cotton-linen canvas. This is a wonderfully sturdy fabric without being too heavy. Crisp and tactile. I’m so pleased with how this design turned out, it’s so striking and I think the scale is perfect.

Now, how much shall I order…