To begin, I am happy to announce that I am now a contributor over at Sew Green. I have been reading sew green since 2007 and have loved the vast array of eco-topics covered by their writers, so it’s a joy to now be one of them. (: Look out for my first post in the next few weeks!

Just when we thought we were in the clear, the snow came again. It’s berry berry cold. So naturally I have spring on my mind, all soft colour and light and the promise of warmer days.

Also,  I am in love with magenta right now.  So I’ve been dying scrap fabrics magenta and green to lift my spirits. And it worked. (: The boy may have some magenta hemp-silk on his Valentine’s card this year.

I used procion dyes, which, of course, are not inherently kind to the environment. They can, however, be mixed very precisely to ensure that there is next to no waste, and their colour fastness and vibrancy are pretty much as good as it gets. So should you choose product longevity over eco processes? As always, it’s subjective — many people like for products to visibly age. It suggests provenance and can create visual interest. Others throw out products when they are “old”…  I can’t decide which might be the lesser evil?