I feel like I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks, and it’s not about to slow down. Two house parties later, and I think maybe greetings cards are the way forward! Speaking of which, I listed a set on Etsy last week:

Visit my Etsy shop to see them, and look out for matching gift tags on a printable PDF! Each design is a digital print of one of my original watercolours (which were painted on hemp paper, also used as the background for the final designs). They are printed on to sustainable card and have a beautiful smooth, matte finish – they’re surprisingly tactile!

This Friday is my graduation ceremony, then on Sunday I’ll be at Designer’s Marketplace with the girls, then the following Thursday will be my house party…

If you’re anything like me, though, you’re already thinking ahead to spring/summer 2010. I have a bunch of exciting new ideas that I’m hoping to realise by February – if I can wait that long ;) I’m thinking a mix of digital and hand block printing, lots of colour and beautiful, tactile eco fabrics. Sound good?