tagsOver this month and next, each member of Follyworks will host a home party. The first one (Nicole’s) is tomorrow night, so guess what I’ve been up to? Making tags. Packaging things. Making sure everything is priced and coded and recorded… It’s more tiring than it sounds. It will be interesting to see how it all goes: will my stock stretch far enough? Will it sell at all? I would love if, in a couple of weeks’ time, I’m panicking because I haven’t got enough stock left for Designer’s Marketplace any more.  How cool would that be?? As it is, I’m hoping to sell enough to cover costs and hopefully show me which direction I should be heading.

Handbags or paper goods … ?

cardsThese are my shiny new digitally printed greetings cards. I’m really very pleased with them, they’re super quality and they look fantastic – if I do say so myself! I just hope they prove to be as popular as I think.

Fingers firmly crossed, I’ll report back at the weekend and tell you how it went.