Lino block cut for my newest ideas...

This is one of those times that people refer to as “the beginning of the rest of your life”.  I finished my degree and started my business at the beginning of the summer, and have witnessed my bank balance slowly evaporate. I suppose I’ve enjoyed creative freedom over the past few months, thanks to the leftovers of my student grant. So with this blog I’m starting to document my story just as things begin to get really tough, and I resist the ever-increasing urge to tuck into my savings.

So let me be the first to say that going green is not always cheap. The sustainable and organic fabrics I so carefully select cost me twice as much (or more) as their earth-killing counterparts. Now it’s sell-or-sink – I can’t allow myself any more money to make new products until I’m making more sales. So it’s time to focus (more) on marketing and promotion, and – vitally – staying true to my values along the way.

Hopefully sharing the journey here will help me do that. And hopefully I’ll help others on the way!

OK. Winge over. Promise. (: